Hi Suzie!

Hi Suzie! is a mobile app that connects teen moms with local resources to gain emotional and academic support when ramping back to school. This product concept won the “Education Impact” award at the Seattle Education StartupWeekend as it could reduce high school drop out rates by providing postpartum support to teen moms.

Role: Research, Scrum master, UX/UI design

Tools: Sketch, InVision

Award: 2018 Seattle EDU Startup Weekend - Educational Impact

Problem Statement

Teen pregnancy accounts for 40% of dropouts in the U.S.

Teen moms encountered tremendous emotional and academic barriers to ramp back to school. Most of them ended up in poverty after pregnancy.

Design Question

"How might we support teen moms in their journey of ramping back to school?"

User Research

To understand the problem scope and the barriers encountered by teen moms, we conducted semi-structured interviews with 3 education practitioners and 2 high school students (thanks for the arrangement of EDU StartupWeekend! ). We also talked to a teen mom who successfully ramps back to school from one of our teammate's connection.As for secondary research, we went to an online teen mom chatroom and collected data.

Research Insights

Education and providing hope are the running themes for teen moms who were able to return to school.


After a round of ideation, our team decided on the following ideas:


As the UX lead, I quickly came up with wireframe to sure with my teammates. Based on their feedback, I remodeled the screen flow.

Final Solution

For our high fidelity prototype, we started by creating a style guide. We decided to use light orange and pink, colors that provide warmth and hope. We also decided the name of our product as “Hi Suzie”, an amiable name that would not reveal too much information about the app, as teen moms do not want others to know about it.

Chatbot that provides a sense of companion

We designed a chatbot that converses with teen moms, greet them, answer questions, and connecting them to local resources.

Access to peer support groups

The chatbot can also direct teen moms to local peer support groups when it identifies such a need. This satisfies teen moms’ needs to communicate and connect with other teen moms with similar experiences.

Access to local non-profit services

The chatbot can also direct teen moms to local non-profit services when it identifies such a need.


On the Project: If we had more time, we would like to conduct more user interviews with teen moms, who succeeded and failed to ramp back to school. Also, it would be extremely helpful if we have more opportunities to conduct usability testing with target users. Depending on our schedule, my teammate and I may continue to work on the project.

On Startup Weekend: Attending this design Hack-a-thon is rewarding! I got to practice my skills of collaborating with a new team, rapid product design, and creating a minimum viable product. I also learned that keeping everyone on the same page and encouraging everyone to fight for the same goal is extremely important for such a collaborative creative process.

We made it!